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The oppression of the bourgeoisie has been going on for long enough. It is time to rise up and show them what the people can do. Success only comes from effort and we will boil those dirty capitalists alive if we have to.

America knows its flaws, it tries to hide them, fake news stories to try to protect their reputations. Telling people certain things are wrong to keep everyone in order. Republic elections are basically an oligarchy now. The modern dream is to be rich and "successful". It's all just a scam we are used as buyers, their main source of profit. America won't educate it's people well enough because they don't want to get thrown under the bus. Controlling homeless people around in downtown like herds of sheep, to lower or higher a places retail value. Every business gets corrupted goes bankrupt or falls under a bigger corporation feeding off of their cash. It's all really some serious crap that not a lot of people notice about the US and money. - MadCommie


When those capitalists say all communists are mindless sheep

Remmie Mad
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